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Allergy Drops - Homeopathics From BioE - Allergy Season Is Here - Suffering From Allergies - Allergy Drops Can Help  BioE Allergy Drops - for relief allergy symptoms, allergies to grass pollen, watery nose and eyes associated with allergies, and other symptoms of allergies h
Anxiety Drops - Homeopathics From BioE - Anxiety, Suffer from anxieties of all kinds - fear, dread, anxiety, social anxiety - Anxiety can help    Anxiety - for relief all forms of anxiety; panic, apprehension, dread, fright or fear, panic, social anxiety.  h
Appetite Balance - Homeopathics From BioE - Appetite Out of Control! Overweight, obesity or being underweight a problem! Try Appetite Balance!  Appetite Balance - for relief of all symptoms related to appetite imbalance; constipation, digestive errors, cravings.  h
Back Ache Drops - Homeopathics From BioE - Back Ache Got You Down! - Try BioE Back Ache for all Back Ache Causes  Many of us are plagued by back aches today - this is one homeopathic that will help what ever the cause may be.  h
Body Mend - Homeopathics From BioE - Pain Or Surgery Is A Part Of Your Life! Body Mend for Pain of all kinds; for surgery (pre- and post-op), fractures, injuries, bone pain, eye pain, toothache, inflammation.  Body Mend will support any pain whether from surgery (pre- and post-) pain, pain from fractures, pain from injuries; eye or tooth pain.  h
Cold Or Flu Drops - Homeopathics From BioE - Cold & Flu Got You Down! - Colds & Flu Can be beneficial in addressing all common cold and flu symptoms  Colds & Flu supports cold and flu symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, fever, respiratory congestion, headaches and general cold and flu symptoms like body aches.  h
Constipation Drops - Homeopathics From BioE - Constipation An Issue! - Use Constipation Drops  Constipation: Constipation due to improper diet, Constipation alternating with diarrhea, Constipation due to traveling, Constipation with hemorrhoids - Constipation Drops helps with all these conditions. h
Depression Release - Homeopathics From BioE - Depression Symptoms Getting You Down! Depression Release Can Help Depression: Symptoms of mental depression (depression, sadness, grief, apathy) - Depression-Release can support these as well as other symptoms associated with depressions.  h
Fatigue Release - Homeopathics From BioE - Is Fatigue Your Constant Champion? Fatigue Release Can Help!  Fatigue seems to be our constant champion today with overwork, tiredness with fatigue, chronic fatigue symptoms, fatigue with PMS h.
Insomnia Drops - Homeopathics From BioE - Insomnia Keeping You From Sleeping? Insomnia Drops support Insomnia type symptoms Insomnia Drops can work with insomnia due to nightmares, insomnia due to thoughts keeping you awake, insomnia due to sleeplessness, insomnia when your sleepy but can't sleep.  h
Intestinal+ Drops - Homeopathics From BioE Problems - Intestinal Problems Plaguing You!  Intestinal + can help!  Intestinal+ aids in relief from intestinal discomforts such as; nausea, indigestion. Intestinal+ also aids with diarrhea, heartburn, acid reflux, slow digestion. Intestinal+ can even give aid with gastric ulcers, colitis.  h
Joints - Homeopathics From BioE - Arthritis, Joint Stiffness, Carpal Tunnel, Gout A Problem? Joints Can Help!  Joints supports painful joints, joint stiffness.  Joints also supports arthritis, carpal tunnel.  Joints even aid in gout and bursitis. h
Lymphohepat - Homeopathics From BioE - Lymph, Liver, Kidney & Eliminary Organs Congested? Lymphohepat Works As Drainage & Detoxification For These Systems  Lymphohepat is for drainage and detoxification support in lymph, liver, kidney, and skin congestive issues. Lymphohepat supports elimination of toxins. Lymphohepat Improve general health. Lymphohepat helps control aggravation from homeopathics. Lymphohepat supports the action of other homeopathics. h
Mental Clarity - Homeopathics From BioE - Mental Clarity Not What It Once Was? Memory Is Weakened Or Failing? Mental Clarity can help!  Mental Clarity enhances mental capability and memory, Mental Clarity supports a weakened memory, Mental Clarity helps with mental distraction. h
Migraine - Homeopathics From BioE - Migraine Headaches? Nausea & Vomiting and other symptoms as well? Migraine will help!  Migraine supports the symptoms of migraine headaches, Migraine helps with nausea, vomiting, dizziness, Migraine helps with anxiety and pressure headaches, Migraine acts on the liver and gallbladder.  h
Myalgia Drops - Homeopathics From BioE - Have Pain From Rheumatism, Fibromyalgia? Myalgia Helps With Painful Conditions!  Myalgia helps pain in muscles and joints, Myalgia helps rheumatism symptoms. Myalgia helps rheumatic pains of all kinds. Myalgia helps Fibromyalgia pain. Myalgia helps in pain in muscles and hips.  h
PMS Relief - Homeopathics From BioE - PMS Symptoms Out Of Control? PMS Relief Will Help!  PMS Relief helps with symptoms of PMS, PMS Relief helps with pain over ovaries and in uterus, PMS Relief helps with irritability and being easily angered, PMS Relief helps with painful menstruation cycle, PMS Relief helps with painful breasts, PMS Relief helps with depression and hysteria.  h
Prostatic - Homeopathics From BioE - Prostate Enlarged, Swollen, Painful, Inflamed? Prostatic Can Help!
Prostatic helps relieve prostate and urinary difficulties, Prostatic helps with enlarge prostate, Prostatic helps with frequent or scanty urination, Prostatic helps with painful, swollen prostate, Prostatic helps with inflamed prostate with feeling of pressure, Prostatic helps with constant desire to urinate. 
Sinus Drops - Homeopathics From BioE - Sinus Swollen, Painful? Frontal Headaches? Sinusitis? Sinus Drops Gives Aid! Sinus aids in Sinusitis, Sinus aid in nasal congestion, Sinus aids nasal mucous, Sinus aids inflamed nose, Sinus aids in frontal headaches, Sinus aids in sneezing and difficulty breathing, Sinus aids in swollen, inflamed nasal passages, Sinus aid in painful nose, sinus and facial bones.  h
Spasm Drops - Homeopathics From BioE - Cramps & Spasm Out Of Control? Spasm Drops Can Help!  Spasm aids in muscular spasms and cramps; Spasm aids in tension headaches; Spasm aids in cramps in legs, hands, fingers and toes; Spasm aids in menstrual cramps; Spasm aids in writer's cramps, stomach cramps; Spasm aids in spasmodic pain; Spasm aids in cramps and spasm in limbs.  h
Stress Release - Homeopathics From BioE - Stress Levels Compromising Your Health? Stress Release Can Help!
Stress Release aids in the relief of physical stress, mental stress, and emotional stress and tension; Stress Release helps with stress related to nervous excitement, irritability, restlessness; Stress Release works with stress related to nervous headaches and anxiety; Stress Release aids in relieve the stress effects of anger and violence; Stress Release aids in stress from nervousness and the stress from physical exhaustion. 
Tissue Salts - Homeopathics From BioE - Have mineral imbalances, unstable metabolism? Tissue Cell Salts can help!  Tissue Cell Salts aid in mineral imbalances; Tissue Cell Salts aid in unstable metabolism; Tissue Cell Salts aid in biochemical imbalances in body fluids; Tissue Cells Salts aid in improving constitutional defenses; Tissue Cell Salts aid in health restoration after acute disease, malnutrition. h
Toxicleanse - Homeopathics From BioE - Urinary or kidney problems? Hemorrhoids, glandulars problems? Toxicleanse supplies homeopathic drainage!  Toxicleanse aids in support for urine drainage and kidney drainage; Toxicleanse aids in digestive function; Toxicleanse aids in painful and bleeding hemorrhoids; Toxicleanse aids in irritated bladder and burning stomach; Toxicleanse aids in the stimulation of all glands.  h
Urinary Drops - Homeopathics From BioE - Incontinence; Burning, Painful, Difficult Urination; Urinary Infections? Urinary can help!  Urinary support the conditions of urinary discomfort; Urinary aids in irritation of kidneys, bladder and urethra; Urinary aids in incontinence; Urinary aids in swollen hands and feet; Urinary aid in urinary system infections; Urinary aids in burning urination; Urinary aids in painful, difficult urination.  h
Yeast & Fungi Drops - Homeopathics From BioE - Have Yeast or Fungal Issues Like Candida, Thrush, Athletes Food, Jock Itch, Diaper Rash Problems? Yeast & Fungi can help! Yeast & Fungi supports treatments of fungal and yeast conditions; Yeast & Fungi aids in Candida; Yeast & Fungi aids in Athletes Foot and Jock Itch; Yeast & Fungi aids in Thrush (sore, inflamed mouth); Yeast & Fungi aids in diaper rash and itching skin.  h


Homeopathic Information


Calcarea Fluorica, Calc fluor, Calcium Fluoride - Dr. Schüssler's Twelve Cell Salts - Tissue Salts 
Calcarea Fluorica, Calc fluor, Calcium Fluoride is found mainly in the bones and teeth. Calcarea Fluorica, Calc fluor, Calcium Fluoride can also be found in the muscles and nerves of the body. Calcarea Fluorica, Calc fluor, Calcium Fluoride is found in the blood vessels and in the connective tissues.  h
Calcarea Phosphorica, Calc phos, Calcium Phosphate - Dr. Schüssler's Twelve Cell Salts - Tissue Salts 
Calcarea Phosphorica, Calc phos, Calcium Phosphate is absolutely essential to the proper growth and nutrition of the body. Calcarea Phosphorica, Calc phos, Calcium Phosphate is found in the blood-plasma and corpuscles, saliva, gastric juice, bones, connective tissue, teeth, milk, etc.  h
Dr. Schüssler's Twelve Cell Salts - Tissue Salts: Health & Disease
Health may be considered to be the state characterized by normal cell metamorphosis; thus, when by means of digestion of food and drink, recompense is made to the blood for the loses it sustains by furnishing nutritive material to the tissues, this compensation is made in requisite quantities and in proper places, and no disturbance of the motion of the molecules occurs.  h
Dr. Schüssler's Twelve Cell Salts - Tissue Salts: Constituents Of The Human Body
Blood consists of water, sugar, fat, albuminous substances, chloride of sodium, chloride of potash, fluoride of lime, silica, iron, lime, magnesia, soda and potash. h
Dr. Schüssler's Twelve Cell Salts - Tissue Salts: Inorganic Constituents Of Cells
The principal inorganic materials of nerve-cells are Magnesia phos., Kali phos., Natrum and Ferrum. Muscle cells contain the same, with the addition of Kali mur. Connective tissue-cells have for their specific substance Silica, while that of the elastic tissue-cells is probably Calcarea fluor. In bone-cells we have Calcarea phos. This latter is found in small quantities in the cells of muscle, nerve, brain and connective tissue.  h
Dr. Schüssler's Twelve Cell Salts - Tissue Salts: Schüssler's Biochemic Method Theory
The idea upon which Biochemic Therapeutics is based is the physiological fact that both the structure and vitality of the organs of the body are dependent upon certain necessary quantities and proper apportionment of its organic constituents.  h
Dr. Schüssler's Twelve Cell Salts - Tissue Salts: Tissue Building
Blood, containing the material of every tissue and cell of the body, furnishes nutriment for every organ, enabling it to perform its individual function; thus it supplies every possible physiological want in the animal economy.  h
Dr. Schüssler's Twelve Cell Salts -Tissue Salts: Tissue Cell Formation
The oxygen of the air, upon reaching the tissues through the blood by means of the respiration, acts upon the organic substances which are to enter in the formation of new cells.  h
Homeopathy - Homeopathy Detoxification Goals  Homeopathy Detoxification Treatment Goals gives 9 essential steps to detoxifying correctly using homeopathy, homeopathic remedies and other vital components. h
Homeopathy - Homeopathic Remedies, Homeopathic Guidelines, Homeopathic Dosages
Homeopathic guidelines and homeopathic dosages recommendations.
Homeopathy - What Is it  Homeopathy What Is It - An Introduction To Homeopathy explains about homeopathy and how homeopathic remedies are made. h
Miasms Today - Homeopathy - Finding Hidden Genetic Symptom Pictures
Miasms Today - Finding hidden genetic symptom pictures based on behavior patterns. h

A-F Betafood supplies you with blood fat metabolism, lipotrophic agent, fat emulsifier, betaine, beet juice, vitamin A and general fat metabolism to support health in the liver and gallbladder as well as healthy management of cholesterol and avoidance of fatty liver

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A-F Betafood supplies you with blood fat metabolism, lipotrophic agent, fat emulsifier, betaine, beet juice, vitamin A and general fat metabolism to support health in the liver and gallbladder as well as healthy management of cholesterol and avoidance of fatty liver


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