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Miasmatic Philosophy Today

By: Dr. Subrata Kumar Banerjea, Gold Medalits; BHMS (honors in nine subject of Calcutta University), Akademie Homoopathischer Deutscher Zentral Verein (Germany) Direct of Bengal Allen Medical Institute, Principal, Allen College of Homoeopathy, Essex, England.

The consideration of miasms is of paramount importance in effective homeopathic evaluation particularly in this world of multi-suppression where perceiving a clear picture of disease is becoming increasingly difficult.

Disease pictures can be complicated for several reasons and the three categories below show the three pictures which may arise.  These pictures are expanded upon within this information sheet as an important starting point in understanding the value of miasms and miasmatic evaluation in modern homeopathic practice.

Contaminated Picture: The disease is contaminated or masked through lack of expression or symptoms or manifestations due to emotional, physical or iatrogenic suppression (adverse mental or physical condition induced in a person by effect of treatment by a physician).

Conjoint Picture: The original malady exists - upon which symptoms of various drugs are superimposed.

Scarcity of Symptoms: Conditions in which it is difficult to ascertain a totality of symptoms, i.e., one-sided diseases such as: insomnia, migraine, fatigue syndromes, etc.

Picture One
Contaminated Picture: The disease is contaminated by various forms of suppression, which can be recognized in either of two ways:
  A lack of expression of symptoms which have been driven inside by heroic suppressive measures.

A contaminated picture formed by the original disease together with a lack of expression caused by physical or emotional suppression, e.g., and extrovert received disappointing news and their natural inclination is to sob loudly to recover.  Circumstances however forbid this and they are forced to bottle up their feelings their emotions therefore become suppressed. 

Picture Two

Conjoint Picture: In these cases, the symptoms of the original disease are superimposed with symptoms of the artificial drug disease. Conjoint pictures may arise as follows:

  The original disease is joined by an artificial chronic disease (due to allopathic medical malpractice).

The original disease is joined by an artificial chronic disease (due to homeopathic medical malpractice), e.g., as in cases of polypharmacy, too frequent repetition of doses or the usage of combinations where the action of such applications has not been proved on healthy human beings. The original disease is joined by an artificial chronic disease produced by vaccinations and serums.

Picture Three
  Scarcity of Symptoms: A scarcity of symptoms will be apparent in cases of 'one-sided disease'. Of which Hahnemann makes us aware of in The Organon. These are diseases with too few symptoms, such as insomnia, anorexia and cases of hyperactive, restless children. They also include the so called modern illnesses such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, where there are only one or two symptoms showing on the surface of the case. In a case of insomnia, for example, where loss of sleep is due to anxiety and nothing more, we are unable to make a totality. We cannot prescribe successfully on the basis of one or two symptoms and it is due to suppression that only one or two symptoms are visible. It follows therefore, that the manifestations and expressions of the patient must have been suppressed.
    We know that in the modern world, the causes of suppression are many. They do however fall into the three main categories as follows:
  Physical Suppressions, e.g., suppression of perspiration by antiperspirants.
  Emotional Suppressions, e.g., broken relationships; disappointments in love; pecuniary (money) embarrass-ments
  Iatrogenic Suppression, Suppressions by non-homeopathic remedies, e.g., antibiotics, steroids, etc.

Suppressions by homeopathic medicines, e.g., daily repetition of doses over a prolonged period, polypharmacy, quick alternation of remedies, the use of combinations.

  Widespread vaccination.

Suppression caused by the use of serums (anti-sera preparations) such as the contraceptive pill and HRT (hormonal replacement therapy).

So we can clearly see that manifestations of one-sided diseases are either contamination, conjoined with artificial disease symptoms, or hindered and suppressed. Clinical experience of the classical prescribers and my own ancestral wisdom has shown that the best way to open up these cases is from the miasmatic viewpoint. That is to
say, we perceive the surface miasm and treat accordingly. The surface miasm itself being diagnosed by considering the symptoms showing on the surface of the case as presenting complaints.

Uncovering the Layers

It is apparent therefore, that it is necessary to understand the soil, the very dyscrasia (disease) of the person, and the miasm, which represents the stigma, groove or pollution in the system. The stigma/groove/pollution, call it what you will, can only be corrected through constitutional, anti-miasmatic treatment, and through such treatment, the complete annihilation of symptoms and perfect restoration of health will ensue.

In order to make a miasmatic assessment, we need to uncover the layers of predisposing weaknesses, which can be attributed to the different layers of suppressions. These reflect the miasmatic weakness of the individual.

I like to compare these different layers of miasmatic dyscrasia (disease) with the lotus flower. The outermost layer or petal reflects the surface miasm, that is, the presenting manifestation of the person. On the basis of the totality of symptoms, together with the miasmatic totality, the constitutional anti-miasmatic remedy is then selected for that presenting totality. This not only removes the surface symptoms but also the correspond miasmatic dyscrasia, which was being manifested on the surface at that time.

Once the outer layer of the flower is removed the second layer is revealed. This second layer in turn becomes the surface miasm, reflecting a different group of symptoms. Dr. Kent guides us here, stating that there now has to be a change in the plan of treatment.  This means that if the previous outermost layer was Sycosis (and accordingly an anti-sycotic remedy was given which annihilated all the symptoms of that layer), the next miasmatic layer, which rises to the surface, has also to be addressed by its own presenting symptoms. The totality of the case needs to be reassessed and the next prescription selected on the basis of the totality of symptoms including the miasmatic symptomatology.

The skill of the homeopathic physician is to recognize the differing layers present as they reveal themselves through the surfacing of symptoms. The remedy they select should not only cover the symptomatic totality as manifested through the surfacing of symptoms in the outermost layer but also the miasmatic totality. In such a way 'layer upon layer of the predisposing weakness' can be peeled off, taking with them the layers of suppressions and corresponding miasma, and the miasmatic dyscrasia can be nipped in the bud....

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